Our Medical Support  & Consultancy Services focus on the following:

Business Consultancy
We conduct analyses in terms of funding, shareholders’ model, demographics and competition, assist you in sourcing of clinic locations and present a suitable revenue and business model

Clinic Set-Up
We oversee the setting of your facility which includes the design and renovation of the physical premise to meet the regulatory requirements

Licenses and Approvals
We provide the end-to-end services to help you obtain the relevant licensing, permits and approvals to kick-start your business

Operation & Financial Management
We implement appropriate information technology applications and undertake marketing campaigns to support the clinic operation. We help you in financial management through our suite of business support services

Pharmaceutical Services
We arrange and stock up your medical and clinical supplies to ensure seamless operation of your healthcare business. With scalable medical supplies procurement and warehousing, we ensure that our prices are competitive, helping you bring down your operational costs and expenses.

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