• We work out a suitable growth strategy for your business which includes Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Initial Public Offering (IPO), etc.
  • In Budget 2010, the M&A scheme was introduced to encourage companies in Singapore to grow their business through mergers and acquisitions. This scheme has been further enhanced in Budget 2016. We partner you to embark on the M&A process and structure the deal and to tap on the M&A allowance, if applicable.
  • Another growth strategy is through Initial Public Listing (IPO). The long term benefits of being a public listed company include increased liquidity, higher company valuation, greater ability for acquisitions, attract and retain talents. We will guide you in the end-to-end process of becoming a public listed company e.g., assemble the professional team including lawyer, banker, accountants, identify the merchant banks and garner the pre-IPO funds. We will provide advisory on business restructuring, corporate governance, internal controls and accounting requirements throughout the IPO process.
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